Why First Impressions Count

When presenting for a job interview, you want to ensure that you are just as polished as your CV. So, whilst it is important to spend time focusing on perfecting answers to

First impressions count…

The phrase ‘first impressions always last’ is used for a reason… because it’s true.

When presenting for a job interview, you want to ensure that you are just as polished as your CV. So, whilst it is important to spend time focusing on perfecting answers to anticipated questions and researching the company, you also want to ensure that you have taken the time to present yourself as best you can.

Some people would say that getting a job isn’t based on what you look like, and this is true, of course it isn’t. However, when it comes to how you present yourself, if a law firm had two similar candidates with very similar experience and expertise on paper and one came in dressed in a suit and the other in their gym gear, who do you think they would pick for the role? It’s an obvious choice as employees act as the face of the company, so employers want them to present professionally to actively reflect the company’s values and beliefs.

Your wardrobe is essentially telling the prospective employer about you – who you are, your work ethic, your potential to fit in as an employee. So, if you want to show them that you are professional and capable of fitting into a corporate environment, you want to dress this way. When interviewing at a law firm, it’s a sure chance that the appropriate dress code will be corporate, so make sure you have a clean, neat and pressed outfit ready to go. Avoid loud colours and bright patterns as you want to showcase your professionalism when going for a job at a law firm, not show your bold creativity.

Its not just about your wardrobe, you also want your hair to be clean, controlled and away from your face. For men, its best to attend an interview cleanly shaven as this also shows professionalism.

What about piercings and ink? A small stud earing is perfectly fine, however if you have multiple ear piercings, its best to take these out. If anything, it’s a distraction to the interviewer to be staring at your multiple piercings whether they are on your ears or face. Therefore, its best to take them out as the only thing you want the interviewer to be focusing on is your qualifications for the role. The same goes for tattoos, they should be covered up to avoid any distractions.

And remember, if you are unsure about the appropriate dress attire, our expert recruitment consultants are here to help – when in doubt… just ASK!

Good luck!


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